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Manufacturing with SDGs

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What is Lasting Flower?
​At our company, we call flowers that have undergone preservation processing to retain their softness and never wither, “lasting flowers.”
The manufacturing method is a processing process like preserved flowers, but the processing chemicals are different. After being disinfected and sterilized, it is colored with ingredients and dyes used in some cosmetics, so it is not edible, but you can enjoy it safely and securely.
The chemicals used in processing are recycled and used, contributing to SDGs. Please click the button below for an overview of how to solve the processing circumstances.
What are the SDGs?

​Abbreviation for "Sustainable Development Goals".
Adopted at the United Nations Summit in September 2015, it is a goal that the 193 United Nations member countries will achieve over the 15-year period from 2016 to 2030. The following 17 items are major goals.
At our company, processing chemicals are reused and discarded as little as possible, and we do not emit greenhouse gases during the manufacturing process.
Aiming for a healthy, safe, secure and sustainable society in accordance with the SDGs, we manufacture Soar's fresh lasting flowers as one of our health management initiatives.
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Of the 17 items above, the following 9 items are related to our manufacturing and sales of lasting flowers.
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